5 Ways the Internet Makes Dieting Easier (Day 11)

Yes, the internet has its problems when it comes to dieting, like encouraging young girls to being unnaturally skinny or promoting unhealthy weight-loss methods. However, I’ve found that the web has done far more good than harm. Here’s why:
  1. Support. I post links to my blog on Twitter and Facebook (#4HB), and all I see is people responding with positive feedback and encouragement. Sometimes, in the offline world, it can be tempting to try and goad dieters into eating unhealthy (I know I’ve definitely done it), and we all have friends like this. However, in the online world food isn’t ever present, so there isn’t such a temptation to fall to a saboteur.
  2. Follow me on Twitter! @rburger11

    Accountability. I know that people read my blog pretty regularly, so I feel guilty when I don’t post. Accountability online has translated to accountability offline; I don’t know how I would have gotten through yesterday without it.

  3. Motivation. Like everyone, there have been days when I haven’t wanted to work out, or that I have really wanted a beer, or just want an easy dinner. However, I know that if I post my temptations on Twitter or in a status, people I don’t even know will give me that swift kick in the butt that I need. I feel like the Four Hour Body network has a really great community, and instead of sitting down in a group therapy session like Weight Watchers 10 years ago, motivation from others comes in a heartbeat 24/7 through social media. Thank god!
  4. Online Tools. Though 4HB claims that one can diet without counting calories (though doesn’t discourage it), I still track my fitness and caloric, fat, carb, and protein intake through Sparkpeople.com, a free online weight loss community. There is little more encouraging than checking off workouts in my routine, or finding that I effortlessly ate less than 1500 calories in one day. There are tons of other tools available too, you just need to find them!
  5. Information. I am no 4 Hour Body expert; I only read the chapters that applied directly to me (well… except the 15-minute orgasm chapter. Who could resist??), and I’ve had to reread them more than once. While I am no expert, there are people online with awesome ideas, like recipes, professional insights, and encouraging stories.

My day, as you can tell, has gone pretty well! I have great energy and renewed enthusiasm in the Four Hour Body. I’ve already made plans for Saturday: Tesoro‘s for lunch (and perhaps a wee bit of day drinking) and a party for supper. Just 2286 minutes until I can break into some carby goodness.

Two whole eggs, two egg whites, black beans, and veggies (breakfast)

Turkey taco salad (I couldn't even finish it! — Lunch)

Leftover taco salad, faux mashed potatoes, and salad (Dinner)

Mmm yummy. I made more sugarless jello last night too… if I weren’t full right now I’d be breaking into that. I’ve found that the jello and sunflower seeds have been the best things to curb any cravings. That, and knowing that Saturday is right around the corner!

Day 11 finals

Until tomorrow!


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