Busy day (and more days to come… Day 9)

Sadly there isn’t much to report on today. I woke up, ate breakfast, jogged, ate lunch, did school stuff, ate dinner, and then went out to see Black Swan (which lived up to its reputation for those who were wondering). I plan on doing leg strength training tomorrow or Thursday. In more exciting news, school starts tomorrow! Yay!

My calories have been super low lately. Tim said not to count calories, but when I’m finding that I’m barely breaking 1,000 when I’m burning roughly 200 with exercise is no good. But because I’m not feeling hungry and I just started my period, I feel like my body is doing what it needs to do. Should this continue until Saturday, binge day, I’ll make a concerted effort to eat more. I’m doubting that my caloric intake will slow that much though.

Totals for Day 9

Unfortunately my phone isn’t turning on right now (prepare for an angry customer tomorrow, Verizon!), so I’m skipping on the pics I took today.



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    • My phone won’t charge when plugged into the computer, but will charge when plugged into the car or to the wall. Basically it’s defective but covered by factory warranty 🙂

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