Beans beans beans (End of Day 7)

While recovering from yesterday’s explosion of white carbs and binge meals, I have found myself not very hungry for most of the day and also exhausted. Be it normal or not, I’m ready to start feeling like myself again tomorrow.

For lunch, I attempted to lower the fat content of our taco salad by using fat-free ground turkey instead of lean ground beef. Though I like the taste of the beef better, I think the turkey was more filling (and it certainly wasn’t disappointing). We had enough leftovers that this will be our lunch tomorrow too.

Turkey Taco Salad (Lunch)

Dinner didn’t lack beef though! Stir fry… yum!

Beef stir fry and refried beans (not pictured: one heaping spoonful of sauerkraut)

I was a little surprised to see our final numbers for the day though. I don’t feel malnourished, and according to SparkPeople anything above 1200 calories is acceptable for my body. Should I feel hungry later, I may eat some more sugarless Jello (no complaints here about that!).

Day 7 Final Information

Tomorrow I get back to exercising after the weekend break. I’ve decided to adjust my schedule to M/T/R instead of M/W/F because of scheduling conflicts. Luckily, Andrew, one of my roommates, has agreed to jog with me. Because I’ve been having a hard time getting back into shape, I’m a little nervous about jogging with someone else. Though we’re both on treadmills, I feel like working out tends to become a competition. I really don’t want our sessions to turn out that way.

Until tomorrow


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