Bingeing?? Madness! (Day 6)

There are only five rules for the diet that I’m on (though I’ve added a few):

  1. Avoid “white” carbohydrates.
  2. Eat the same few meals over and over again.
  3. Don’t drink calories.
  4. Don’t eat fruit.
  5. Take one day off per week and go nuts.

Okay, so the diet is actually far more limited than that. This list of five things doesn’t include my exercise, supplements, beans with almost every meal, and no breads or pastas. Literally, all that we eat are meats, eggs, fish, legumes, and vegetables. All these rules, however, get thrown out on Saturdays.


Saturdays are our rule #5, our one day off to go nuts. This day, however, has rules of its own. I chose not to count calories, carbs, fats, or proteins (except for at breakfast) on Saturdays because I would end up limiting myself.

The Process:

Note: Start your diet at least five days before your first binge day.

Minimize the release of insulin, a storage hormone.
Ensure that your first meal of the day is not a binge meal, with at least 30g of protein and high in insoluble fiber (think beans). Consume a cup of grapefruit juice before the second meal, and consume citric juices. Don’t forget to take your supplements!

Increase speed of gastric emptying (in other words, make yourself poop).
Drink caffeine.

Engage in brief muscular contraction throughout out the binge.
Do 60 – 90 seconds of exercises 90 minutes after (and preferably right before as well) each meal. Ferriss recommends air squats, wall presses, and chest pulls.

That said, my day:

Traditional breakfast: turkey bacon, scrambled eggs (2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs), faux mashed potatoes

And so it begins... grapefruit juice

We went to Ru San's all-you-can-eat buffet. Ginger salad and the beginning of the end. (Lunch)

Low-fat soy sauce

More sushi and fried rice (Lunch)

Got my lemon fix

My last plate...

...that I couldn't finish

Okay, so fact. Bingeing this lunch sucked. I came home, tried to have my favorite snack, and couldn’t even get through it.

Peppero (Snack)

My body rejected all my food about 90 minutes later (four minutes before my scheduled squats). After stumbling from the bathroom, I did my 90 second workout, and slept for about two hours. Bleh. BUT THEN! I went out with Aaron and his family for Italian. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate.

Coke and water (for caffeine and citrus)

Halfway through my shrimp piccata. Not pictured: salad with balsamic vinaigrette and three slices of garlic bread (Dinner).

After a full day of this, I. want. to. go. back. on. my. diet. I have cramps and I’m exhausted and I feel bloated. Goodnight, first cheat day: I need six days to recover from what you’ve done to my body.



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    • During the week, we’re allowed one glass of red wine before bed… which I haven’t exactly been craving. We’re allowed alcohol during binge day, but I didn’t take advantage this past week.

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