Back to Sanity (Day 7 Breakfast)

I definitely wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of cheat day. Twitterers everywhere were complaining about the side effects of cheat day. Yuck! And the effects of binge day were undeniably expected.

From 4HB Team

Right. Gross. Now that I’ve had my supplements and breakfast though, I’m feeling much, much better.

8 oz black beans mixed with vegetables, and 1.5 full egg + 1 egg white omelet with turkey bacon

Now doesn’t that just look much healthier? It felt much healthier on my belly too.

Breakfast totals

Since eating I haven’t had any cramps and my energy level has increased dramatically. That’s a good thing too, because it’s beginning to sound like we need to go back to the grocery store already, and do it before lunch. We’re already running out of some supplements and we’re almost completely out of veggies, which is absolutely required for taco salad. The list:


Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Green Tea Flavanols
String beans
2.5 dozen eggs
Turkey Bacon

I doubt (seriously hope) that this is going to be another $100 grocery run. I don’t think I could afford it right now, especially since Lilly Pulitzer is on Rue La La! Yes, I bought myself a sundress. And I promise, promise, promise to be good for at least a few weeks so that my wallet can recover from my fashion addiction.


Lilly Pulitzer "Franco" Prep Green Dress (Cute, amirite?)

Until later this evening!



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