Sleepy Bear (End of Day 4)

I am so excited for Saturday (our cheat day), not because I am disliking the food that we are eating, but because we have plans to eat out. Twice. That means no cooking and cleaning for us!

I had a massive lunch today, fortunately, because we didn’t eat dinner until 7:30 because of previous commitments.

Leftover taco salad, white kidney beans, a pickle spear, mixed salad, and homemade balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing

Surprisingly enough, I haven’t been feeling sore at all today. I guess that means that I should be totally pumped for the gym tomorrow, right? Ha. I’m once again going to just try to keep my pace at (cringe) 1.5 miles in 22 minutes (or an average of roughly four miles an hour). Tomorrow is also my ab workout day. I’m debating between Tim Ferriss’s six minute abs and SparkPeople’s workout routine.

Dinner was also pretty delicious.

Mixed salad, faux mashed potatoes, and two chicken thighs

Though I’m enjoying the diet, I’m worried about my fat intake. According to SparkPeople, I should be aiming for 32 – 56 grams of fat. My totals?

Day 4 Totals

Yeah. A lot more than that. And it’s not so different from other days on this diet.

Fat Chart (Compliments to SparkPeople)

I’m wondering how good this low carb, high fat diet really is for me. I know that I’m eating better than my diet before (*cough* RAMEN *cough*) but I worry about health ramifications. We will see when I take measurements again on Sunday morning and again on Wednesday (no measurements this Wednesday because my scale was unavailable).

In other news, my academic semester starts next week! My academic and work schedule is as follows:

Suzie's Calendar

It is already quite clear that I won’t be able to keep to eating meals at the same time every day, and I’m expected to eat with my senior seminar class. This won’t be easy… I’m also not entirely sure how to address the scheduling conflicts.

I suppose that’s another anxiety for another time though!



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