Feed the Bear (Breakfast, Day 4)

Get in my belly! I had what felt like a complete breakfast this morning, but when I plugged in to Spark People, I found that I only consumed 251 calories. I’m full for now, but I will likely have a snack before lunch. I’m worried that the lack of calories is making me hallucinate though… ya’ll are seeing what I’m seeing, right?

Yeah. I thought it was weird too. Anyways, my breakfast:

Mixed veggies, 2.5 slices turkey bacon, 2 eggs whites + 1 whole egg omelet, salsa, and (not pictured) one scoop sauerkraut

Breakfast totals

All of the stress over this diet has sent me on a bit of a shopping binge. Last night, Gilt Group was being SO MEAN: they had a Betsey Johnson intimates¬†sale! I couldn’t resist.

I bought the whole set ($34)

It was so pink and cute and I needed to replace my current one ANYWAY so... $32

To make matters worse, I had been pondering and pondering over whether or not I would buy a necklace pendent for the past week. I finally caved and bought this adorable necklace from Etsy (from Lemayhem‘s shop).

Supercute, right? Right. $32

Totally worth it.

Until demain… or later today.


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