Hungry (End of Day 2)

I ate a lot today and I’m still not satisfied, which is really obnoxious. I know that I’m expected to want to eat more than I normally would on this, but it’s an odd feeling to put so much food in my mouth and still be hungry. I know that not every calorie is created equal, but this somewhat high-fat, very high protein diet makes me nervous. Maybe it’s because “fat” is called fat. I wish that fat in foods was called something else so that we don’t attribute it to fat in our bodies. That said, food for the day:

Taco Salad (Lunch)

Salted sunflower seeds (snack--I'm allergic to nuts)

Two medium soft boiled eggs (snack)

1.5 servings unsweetened jello (snack)

Two drumsticks, mixed steamed veggies, taco salad (Dinner)

All supplements taken and accounted for.

Total for the day


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