50g Protein at Breakfast! (Day 3 Breakfast)

Meals are slowly getting bigger and I am binging on protein. Today is another workout day, where I will be running and working on my lower body. Ideally, after my workout I will be able to get to Walmart and Whole Foods for more supplies. What we decided is that we will buy almost everything at Walmart  because groceries are so cheap there. However we will be shopping at Whole Foods solely for meats because I worry about food quality. Beans are beans are beans, but not all animals are treated equally.

Wakie wakie eggs and brekkie


– Three hardboiled eggs (though I only ate one of the yolks)
– .75C refried black beans
– Steamed mixed veggies (mixed in with the beans)
– 3.5 pieces of turkey bacon


Breakfast totals


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