So… full… (The End of Day 1)

After exercising, drinking a nice freezing cup of water, and eating a generous dinner, I am happily and lethargically sitting on my couch allowing my body to digest food. I’m not entirely sure that my body is pleased with me though.

For the first time since fall (and embarrassingly enough, I mean fall ’09) I exercised. Pain. Pain pain pain pain pain, all from doing two miles in 20 minutes. Frankly, those 20 minutes kicked the poo out of me, so I returned to my apartment, had 1/2 a serving of sugarless jello, and then hid away from the other gym-goers to do some strength training.

Hello, Jello!

Jello Snack (Calories/Carbs/Fat/Protein)

I’ve arranged my work-out schedule so that I can do it anywhere. Mondays are upper body, Wednesdays are lower body, and Fridays are core training. My arms actually aren’t doing so bad right now, but during the sets they burned, and I had to stop somewhere around 8 for each set to take a breather. Not a good start, but, a la Tim Ferriss, it’s at least a start.

How To Kill Your Arms in 30 Minutes or Less!

I’m not abiding by the 4HB kettlebell plan, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. This diet has already been quite the investment so I’m trying to hold back. Restraint, Suzie. Restraint.

Dinner was DELICIOUS. If you haven’t tried the faux-mashed potatoes recipe in the 4HB book, I strongly recommend it. I switched out Ferriss’s recommended beans for navy beans… which may have added to our carb count.


1 can Navy beans (16 oz)
1/4 C Olive oil
1 tsp Garlic powder
Mixed vegetables


Pre-steam your own vegetables or heat them before making this recipe (we used left-overs from this morning)

Pour the olive oil into a pan on medium-high heat. Once it gets warm, add the beans. Mash to your heart’s content, adding water if it gets too thick. If desired, mix in vegetables. Season with garlic powder, and salt and pepper if desired.

Yummy! We complimented our faux-mashed potatoes with the remainder of our taco salad and two drumsticks, lightly seasoned. I couldn’t even finish my second drumstick.

Thoughts on day one: it went well. I’m worried about keeping up with this diet once school starts up though…



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