Great Energy (Day 2 Breakfast)

I woke up this morning feeling really energized, which is incredible seeing as I stayed up playing Dragon Age: Origins (I seriously can’t wait until the second one comes out… this is my third play through) until 3AM.

9:30AM: Woke up
9:35AM: Glass of ice water, AGG
9:45AM: Breakfast!

Three whole eggs, one slice shredded turkey bacon (leftover from yesterday), one chicken drumstick (shredded), and 1/2 C pico de gallo

Mixed vegetables

For those who are wondering, I am using to track nutritional information

I’m also a little sore from working out yesterday…. but in a good way. Those one-handed pushups really kicked the bananas out of my arms. Honestly though, I don’t think that it should be a hindrance. I will be back at the gym tomorrow with goals:

~ Run another two miles in 20 minutes ~
~ Complete SparkPeople’s workout plan for my lower body ~

Despite griping that my 10-minute mile is pathetic, I want to make sure it’s sustainable. Unfortunately, I can’t even run a mile without stopping at this point (one of my other goals). Once the 10-minute mile gets easier, I’ll pick up the pace.



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