The Glory of Bacon… Turkey Bacon (Day 1 Breakfast)

Today starts the first day of the diet. Because Aaron and I went to bed past midnight, we went to bed after taking PAGG. Thank goodness for no side-effects; I was worried that it might disturb our sleep!

8:00AM: Woke up, took AGG + V (daily vitamin), drank 2c ice water
8:35AM: Ate breakfast. Nom!

I’m IN LOVE with Applegate’s Hardwood Smoked Uncured Turkey Bacon. It’s organic, nitrate free, and totally delicious. Just smelling it sizzle made me want to eat it raw. Mmm…

For eating so much, it surprises me that I “only” had 286 calories. I am going to have to be very conscious of what I am eating to make sure I get enough energy.


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