The NYC Lilly Pulitzer Store

It’s two stories of pink and green and fashion nestled into Madison Avenue, and yes, it’s everything I thought it would be and then some. After perusing the $350+ dresses, shauls, shoes, and skirts, I hustled upstairs, boyfriend in tow, to shop Lilly’s sales. I made out with two purchases that match, cost less than a Benjamin together, and are naturally quite cute.

The first thing I got is a conductor shirt. White base, thin navy lines, and a curve that matches my body when it was a size 6… and yes, I was naughty and bought myself the six. I figure that I was a six just three months ago so I’ll surely fit back into it soon, right? Right. On-sale motivation goes into the Lilly tote.

I also got a harlequin green cable-knit sweater vest, size M. It fits me perfectly and covers up a bit of the pull from the shirt. It is a new addition to my wardrobe in the gorgeous and glorious section.



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