Jewish Grandparents

Today I arrived at Aaron’s, my beau’s, grandparents’ house. The Goldmans are lovely octogenarians who wait absolutely hand and foot on Aaron, and, by extension, myself. Though I love them to death, there is one, clear pitfall to visiting them:

The food.

Dear lord, someone needs to take the spatula away from them and turn off the stove. There is turkey, gravy, orange rice, greens, salad, pumpkin pie, homemade brownies, and crackers that all has to be at least tasted. Should I (or Aaron) refuse, we undoubtedly insult them and the Jewish guilt ensues.

I can’t wait until next week. Aaron and I have chosen to follow Tim Ferriss‘s 4-Hour Body diet. Quite simply, we eat the same, low-carb foods six days of the week, and then “binge” (Tim’s word, not mine) on the 7th day. I am ready to lose this weight!

I’m also in the middle of the chapter on exercise. I think I might invest in kettlebells. Perhaps Aaron will go in on it with me; they are quite expensive.

Until next time!

PS: Shopping in NYC tomorrow. My wallet is prepared.


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