Sunday is Slow Day (Day 21)

After going a little crazy last night, I enjoyed sleeping in, sketching, and basking in the gorgeous Atlanta weather this fine Sunday.

In terms of food, today was somewhat average (besides eating later than normal). Actually, that’s not entirely true; I went out to eat for the first day on a non-cheat day since starting the diet. We went to Los Bravos in Decatur. The food was meh; I’m definitely ordering a fajita instead of a $6 taco salad without cheese, sour cream, guacamole, or taco. Either way, the outing proves that it’s possible, albeit difficult, to eat out while on this diet.

Three eggs (two full), turkey sausage, and black beans (Breakfast).

Leftover faux potato and shrimp soup (Lunch).

Los Bravos taco salad--NO, I did NOT eat the taco bowl (Dinner).

In other news, I learned that one shouldn’t lose more than 1% of their weight per week (so, for example, I weigh 131.6 pounds, so the most I should be losing per week is 1.316lbs). That makes me feel better, as I’m not losing weight as quickly as everyone else seems to be. I also put it together that you can easily calculate the physical pounds of fat I have extra from my body fat % (how had I not realized this before??). So, 131.6 x my body fat (30.94%) = 40.717lbs of fat. Since I’m aiming to be 18% body fat, I’m going to have to lose 17.029 pounds of pure fat. Yuck!

Totals for Day 21

Until tomorrow,


Saturday is Play Day (Day 20)

Saturdays, otherwise known as “binge” or “cheat” days, have become my favorite days of the week. This diet has taught me just how much of my social life revolved around going out and eating and drinking with friends, whereas now I am limited from such frivolity because eating out hardly seems like an option. Therefore, Saturdays, or the days that I can eat whatever I want (provided I eat citrus and do some squats), I am making a point to see friends and loosen up a little. In other words, relaxing in my diet lets me kick back a bit in life too.

As always, I opened up my day with a high-protein breakfast.

Turkey sausage, black beans, two hard boiled eggs, two egg whites (Breakfast).

Grapefruit juice to start the binge.

Enter food porn. Cover your eyes if you don’t want to see it.

Two slices of Papa John's pineapple pizza with garlic sauce (Lunch).

Breadstick with garlic sauce (Lunch).

Peppero (Lunch).

I started chowing on citrus (in this case lime) to make sure my body was processing everything correctly.

Easy Mac (Dinner).

Following dinner, I went to Café Intermezzo for their famous hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps (it’s called a Northface if you ever go), and then returned to the apartment for some boozing with eight other people. Throughout the whole binge, I was with two of my favorite people in the world walking around Atlanta (it was in the 60’s!), watching Cake Boss, and generally having a great time. Atlanta is beautiful year round, for those who have never been.

Welcome to January in Atlanta.

Unlike previous weeks, I can’t wait for next Saturday!

While everyone was having a good time at my apartment, I invited an old friend, Breneman, who I used to rock climb with (three years ago… I would be starting from square one). He insists that I should go back out with him. Though I’m feeling a little self conscious and entirely out of shape for the activity, I think I’m going to give it a go. Next Friday: here we come!

This has never been my experience.


Until later today,

Measurements Before Binge (Day 20)

Age: 21
Weight: 131.6 Down 1.4 lbs
Height: 5’1″
Body Fat: 30.94% Down .16%
BMI: 24.90 (No longer overweight!) Down .23
Neck: 12.125 Down .125″
Right Upper Arm: 11.125″ Same
Left Upper Arm: 11″ Down .125″
Waist: 30″ Down .25
Around Belly Button: 35″ Same
Hips: 37″ Same
Right Leg: 19.625″ Down .375
Left Leg: 18.375″ Down .625

Total inches lost: 1.55″
Overall inch loss: 7.725″

I’m no longer classifiable as overweight! Yesssss!!!! Time to blow it all on a cheat day haha.

So My Day Hasn’t Gone so Well… (Day 19)

And unfortunately it has impacted my diet. I didn’t work out today, and I’m under calorie count. I’m ready for a cheat day; Papa John’s is already planned for tomorrow.

Four hard boiled eggs--two whole (Breakfast).

Taco salad from school.... I couldn't finish it (Lunch).

Faux potato soup with shrimp (Dinner).

Sugarless Jello (Snack)

Final Totals

The Not-So-Great Dieter (Day 18)

Though I’m still being really rigid with my food, I let exercise slide Tuesday, Wednesday, and now today too. I just keep finding things to keep me busy and NOT going to the gym. That means that tomorrow when I go with Andrew, I will not have the same pumped I’m-ready-to-go feeling I have been having every other Friday. Blurgh.


Three eggs (one egg white), two strips of bacon, lots of black eyed peas and veggies (Breakfast)

Taco salad, beans, and lettuce (Lunch)

Two chicken breasts, steamed veggies, and turkey (Dinner)

Final Totals


Until tomorrow,

Bad Bad Dietgirl! Bad! (Day 17)

I still haven’t exercised yet! I need to do it tomorrow or else I’m SOL for the week :(. Excuses have included:

  • It’s raining (the treadmill is inside)
  • It’s cold (the treadmill is inside)
  • I just ate
  • I’m too busy
  • I will go right after this… next chapter

None of these excuses will work for tomorrow. I’m going to get off my lazy butt and jog!

4 hard boiled eggs (only 2 whole), great northern beans, and vegetables

Chicken thigh, black beans, salad and hard boiled egg (Lunch)

Taco salad with lean ground beef (Dinner)

More Dinner (with a peek at my laptop and boyfriend's hand!)

Nutritional Totals for the Day

Until tomorrow,

Emotional Restructuring and my Harajuku Moment (Day 16)

As I was eating lunch today, I swallowed my handful of pills and quickly took a picture of my food. The girl across from me leered as my camera phone made the distinctive click as I held it over my taco salad. “Did you just take a picture of me?” She asked, one eyebrow raised. I awkwardly responded, “No. I’m photographing my food” and offered no further explaination.

This diet makes you look a little silly. Air squats in the bathroom? Guilty. Swallowing ten additional pills a day to the four pills I have to take anyways? Doing it. Looking for the 1:00 special spot on my… we won’t go there.

Either way, there have been moments where this diet has not been easy. However, one thing that I have noticed is that I’ve become a more amicable person. I haven’t struggled with hypoglycemia at all during the day and I’m finding that I have more patience (weird, right?) in just about everything I do.

You go Mom!

You go Mom!

Right now, my mom is going through an emotional restructuring. She doesn’t have a job, nor does she feel the pressure to get one. She does Tai Chi daily, is a newly reformed vegan, participates in karate with her 10-year-old son, and is addressing all aspects of her emotional and spiritual self. Mom has become a happier person. I can tell that she is in love with her transition, though it took me a while to get used to her changes myself.

And though I’m not living her life, I feel as though her changes have rubbed off on me a bit. Last semester, I was working between 75 and 90 hours a week. I broke down in October, but charged forward, refusing to abandon any of my responsibilities. I made it out alive with a 3.75/4.00 GPA and several accomplishments that I am still proud of. However, I also stopped spending time with a lot of my friends, only went to one party — my own — throughout the whole semester, and gained 15 pounds complimented with oversensitive allergies, migraines, and general unhappiness.

Academically, I consider last semester a success. However, emotionally I hit rock bottom. In a weird way, when winter break began, I had my Harajuku moment. I was miserable.

I found that in order to be happy, I would need to start taking care of my body. Jobs, grades, and all my stresses aren’t going to matter in five years because there’s no way I’m going to hit rock bottom in my career at this point; I needed to stop worrying! As someone who was a longtime follower of Tim Ferriss’s blog because I was interested in finance, his release of 4-Hour Body came at a perfect time. I pre-ordered the small encyclopedia, read my relevant chapters, and the rest is history as detailed through this blog.

As my body is becoming healthier, I am becoming happier. I had my first chiropractic adjustment since the summer, and that has picked me up despite the heavy rains that slammed Atlanta today. The diet is a giant first step in my quest for the emotional, physical, and spiritual health that my Mom is also seeking.

Thank goodness I’m doing something. Being restrictive on this diet is sometimes tough (and sometimes ridiculous), but the emotional and physical rewards make every bite of beans worth it.

That said, my day:


Four hard boiled eggs (two with yolks) and black bans (Breakfast).

Taco salad (Lunch).

Refried beans, steamed veggies, and chicken thigh (Dinner).

Totals for Day 16

Until tomorrow,

Two Weeks and Going Strong (Day 15)

Whew, today was intense! I forgot my AGG stack at lunch again, which means this is the second time this week that I’ve missed a supplement with a meal. I think I’m going to forgo my “off” day and just not take PAG at bedtime on Wednesday.

I hit the gym again today and did the same workout routine: 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking for 30 minutes. I’m hitting 4K this way and would love to inch it up to 5, though I don’t think that’s going to happen this week as I’m still huffing and puffing by the end of the workout.

Workin' like a dog!

Workin' like a dog!

I also did strength training. Good god, two-part push ups are NOT easy. I start fully extended in push up position, go down halfway and hold for 2 seconds, go down all the way and hold for 2 seconds, come to the halfway point and hold for two seconds, and finish by fulling extending my arms for (you guessed it!) two second. After two reps of 15 my arms are pooped!

I WILL get Michelle Obama arms!

The nice thing about all this working out is that my legs are feeling less and less sore after I run. Endurance success! I know that Tim Ferriss recommends kettlebells but I can’t afford them and I genuinely enjoy runner’s rush. Besides, I’m losing weight regardless of exercise!

Workout Plan

Meals were pretty standard. There is a sadness amongst the house because (GADZOOKS, NO!) we ran out of bacon today. I MUST get more tomorrow!

Shredded bacon and scrambled eggs, pinto beans, mixed veggies (I couldn't finish the pinto beans/veggies mix) (Breakfast).

Leftover pintos and veggies, chicken thigh, salad with balsamic vinegar and crushed hard boiled egg (Lunch).

Taco Salad Bowl 1 (Dinner)

Taco Salad Bowl 2 (Dinner)

Jello dessert!

Nutritional Totals

Until tomorrow,

Lazy Sunday (Day 14)

I am definitely guilty of participating in some major sloth after a rowdy evening last night. My entire eating schedule was thrown off (I ate at 10:30/2:00/8:00) and I even forgot to take my AGG for lunch. Not the end of the world, but not what I want either. I’m ready to get back to the routine tomorrow with exercise, lots of protein, and a more structured schedule.

Soy and balsamic vinegar sauce with eggs (two whole, one egg white), turkey bacon, black beans, and mixed veggies (Breakfast).

Chipotle chicken bowl with a dab of sour cream (agh!! NOT 4HB FRIENDLY: DO NOT DO THIS) and extra beans (Lunch).

Black eyed peas, two chicken thighs, and mixed veggies (Dinner).

Nutritional totals

Today turned out to be a low calorie/high fat day. Good thing? Maybe, maybe not. It’s the carbs that make you fat anyways!

Until tomorrow,

That Was Incredible (Binge, Day 13)

Wow Houdini, I’m posting yesterday right now! I didn’t get in until late last night and didn’t have the time to publish. I had a phenomenal cheat day yesterday! The best part of cheat day is just letting go and doing whatever the heck you want in all aspects of your life for about 16 hours (provided you do some air squats). That said, my day yesterday:

Normal high-protein breakfast with eggs, beans, and vegetables

A glass of grapefruit juice, followed by what I have been missing all week: three Keebler® Fudge Shoppe® Grasshopper® cookies

We went out to one of my favorite Atlanta mexican restaurants, Tesoro. I had a strawberry margarita to go with my meal.

Tofu quesadilla (Sorry forgot to photo until halfway through... I was so excited to eat it!)

Four more cookies (because I can!!)

One magnificent original Krispy Kreme donut

I then went to a friend's party. There was so much food available!

I only really wanted a bit of Hawaiian punch though.

I ended the day at Dark Horse in Atlanta. I may have had a few. This is why I didn't post last night.

Though I had beer for dinner and thus didn’t take my third AGG of the day, I would have to say cheat day #2 was quite successful. I definitely did enough dancing to make up for my squats. Can’t wait until next week!

Until later today,