This is me, naked

I am not obese. Okay, I once was, a decade ago, when I had to have hormonal treatment to try and avoid surgery for a stomach condition, but that time is long, long gone. Well… at least I thought it was. Within the past four months I have jumped almost 15 pounds, making me, once again, “overweight.” Quite overweight, in fact. I might even go as far to say, “Suzie dearest, you aren’t healthy. It’s time to change, once and for all.”

This blog is just a start. It is going to track my life transformation (not my “hopeful” transformation or “maybe” transformation—I have been using those words for too long!) while I learn and implement new ways to exercise (any exercise will be a great start!), eat healthily, healthy coping mechanisms (this is going to need work), and, for fun, musings on one of my favorite hobbies: fashion.

As of now, I am need to go out to the store and buy a tape measure. My life and fitness goals:

~ Run a mile without stopping ~
~ Run a 5K ~
~ Run a 10K ~
~ Fit into my 28″ pants again ~
~ Fit into a 26″ pair of pants ~
~ Fit into a 25″ pair of pants ~
~ Stop biting my nails ~
~ Do a pull up ~
~ Do five pull ups ~
~ Have ab definition in my stomach ~

I certainly have the capability to reach each of these goals. It is time, Miss Suzie, to learn some patience and respect for my body. Weight loss starts now.


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