Getting to Measure

Today I walked to CVS and back with one goal: buy a seamstress tape measure. Am I picking up sewing? Selling clothes on eBay? Certainly not. This new, pink tape measure is going to be my tool for gauging fat loss… well, that and of course my scale.

The walk was four miles round trip. I am completely and utterly pooped… and my folks are setting out the hors d’œuvres already for our annual New Years’ Eve party. I may or may not see some friends who I studied abroad with (Beijing is fabulous). Drinking copious amounts of light alcohol (namely: champaign) is okay, right? Besides, the diet doesn’t start until January 7th.

Why January 7th? The holidays are over and I’m back to college. I will have my own apartment with my own food and my own kitchen, not at the whims of overly zealous Jewish parents and grandparents who are anything but fit and healthy. Bonne année cheries!


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