Getting to Measure

Today I walked to CVS and back with one goal: buy a seamstress tape measure. Am I picking up sewing? Selling clothes on eBay? Certainly not. This new, pink tape measure is going to be my tool for gauging fat loss… well, that and of course my scale.

The walk was four miles round trip. I am completely and utterly pooped… and my folks are setting out the hors d’œuvres already for our annual New Years’ Eve party. I may or may not see some friends who I studied abroad with (Beijing is fabulous). Drinking copious amounts of light alcohol (namely: champaign) is okay, right? Besides, the diet doesn’t start until January 7th.

Why January 7th? The holidays are over and I’m back to college. I will have my own apartment with my own food and my own kitchen, not at the whims of overly zealous Jewish parents and grandparents who are anything but fit and healthy. Bonne année cheries!


Cosmic Linear Weave Neville Jacket

my wallet didn't think so though

I needed a new blue blazer anyway

I found this jacket at Nordstrom’s latest sale. I can’t tell you how gorgeous this jacket is up close; it actually glistens! Granted, I spent a majority of some old birthday money on it, but Mum insists the purchase was worth the investment for job interviews.

The supercute button is easily replaceable and the jacket looked great with jeans along with my blue and black interview pants. Can I go shopping as a reward for shopping?

This is me, naked

I am not obese. Okay, I once was, a decade ago, when I had to have hormonal treatment to try and avoid surgery for a stomach condition, but that time is long, long gone. Well… at least I thought it was. Within the past four months I have jumped almost 15 pounds, making me, once again, “overweight.” Quite overweight, in fact. I might even go as far to say, “Suzie dearest, you aren’t healthy. It’s time to change, once and for all.”

This blog is just a start. It is going to track my life transformation (not my “hopeful” transformation or “maybe” transformation—I have been using those words for too long!) while I learn and implement new ways to exercise (any exercise will be a great start!), eat healthily, healthy coping mechanisms (this is going to need work), and, for fun, musings on one of my favorite hobbies: fashion.

As of now, I am need to go out to the store and buy a tape measure. My life and fitness goals:

~ Run a mile without stopping ~
~ Run a 5K ~
~ Run a 10K ~
~ Fit into my 28″ pants again ~
~ Fit into a 26″ pair of pants ~
~ Fit into a 25″ pair of pants ~
~ Stop biting my nails ~
~ Do a pull up ~
~ Do five pull ups ~
~ Have ab definition in my stomach ~

I certainly have the capability to reach each of these goals. It is time, Miss Suzie, to learn some patience and respect for my body. Weight loss starts now.